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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1726 Vater organ at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
1726 Vater organ at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Toot Suites

…the pipes, they are a-calling, in music somber, serene and sometimes silly, the ‘organ suite’ for church and concert use.

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Music played in the program

Part 1

JEAN-ADAM GUILAIN: Suite on the Second Tone Magnificat –Les Chantres du Roy; Laurent Beyhurst (1699 Tribuot; 1991 Aubertin/Église Saint-Martin, Seurre, France) Ligia Digital 0109174

GORDON YOUNG: Cathedral Suite –Feike Asma (1726 Vater/Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Festivo 6921 692

Part 2

PETER SCHICKELE: OK Chorale, from Toot SuitePeter Schickele & David Oei, calliope. Vanguard CD-71197

SIETZE de VRIES: Improvisation Suite on Psalm 87, Jerusalem, the City of GodFocaliber Youth Choir, Edwin Velvis, conductor; Sietze de Vries (2001 Kögler/Stadtpfarrkirche - St. Michael, Haag, Austria) JSB Records 10115

Part 3

G.F. HANDEL: Minuet, Air and Gigue, from Water Music Suite –Christoph Kobelt, percussion; Markus Kühnis (1980 Mathis/St. Hilarius Church, Näfels, Switzerland) Koch-Schwann CD-315019

JEAN LANGLAIS: Suite Médiévale en forme de Messe BasseMaurice Clerc (1745 Riepp; 1996 Schmid/Cathedral of Saint Bénigne, Dijon, France) Ligia Digital 0109174

Filler –SIETZE DE VRIES (see above)


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