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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

John Walker
John Walker

[1984 Ruffatti at Davies Symphony Center, San Francisco, CA]
1984 Ruffatti organ at Davies Symphony Center, San Francisco, CA

[1953 Aeolian-Skinner organ, Opus 1118, at Riverside, New York, New York]
1953 Aeolian-Skinner organ at Riverside Church, New York, NY

[1994 Reuter at Shadyside Presbyterian, Pittsburgh, PA]
1994 Reuter at Shadyside Presbyterian, Pittsburgh, PA

Walker on the Wild Side

Popular and unflappable church musician John Walker shares insights on his world and an extraordinary modern concerto that he champions.

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Music played in the program

RONALD ARNATT: Piece de Resistance Pro Organo CD 7016

NORMAN COCKER: Tuba Tune Pro Organo CD 7071

LEE HOIBY: Anthem, Inherit the kingdom Pro Organo CD 7072

JOHN B. DYKES: Hymn, Holy, holy, holy; Pipedreams Archive, recorded September 14, 2003

HERBERT HOWELLS: Psalm Prelude Lo, the poor crieth Set 1, number 1, Pipedreams Archive recorded September 14, 2003

LOU HARRISON: Concerto for Organ and Percussion [1972] –San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas; John Walker (1984 Ruffatti/Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA) Pipedreams Archive recorded November 12, 1999

HERBERT NANNEY: Adagio, from Organ Sonata Pro Organo CD 7071

ANDREW FLETCHER: The Light of my salvation. HAROLD FRIEDELL: For this cause Pro Organo CD 7043

JOSEPH JONGEN: Choral, from Four Pieces Pro Organo CD 7016

Dr. Walker is Minister of Music at Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, MD. His performances were recorded primarily on these instruments:

(1953 Aeolian-Skinner/Riverside, New York, NY)

(1995 Reuter/Shadyside Presbyterian, Pittsburgh, PA)

(2003 Reuter/St. Michael Lutheran Church, Bloomington, MN)

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