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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

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1864 E. & G.G. Hook organ at Mechanic’s Hall, Worcester, MA

American Sonatas?

Whether they trained abroad, trained at home, or relocated to or from Europe, the composers of these diverse works ultimately share an American passport.

Program Broadcast dates:

Music played in the program

DUDLEY BUCK: Organ Sonata Number 2 in g, Opus 77 [1877] –David Chalmers (1864 E. & G.G. Hook/Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA) Gloria Dei Cantores 011

PAUL HINDEMITH: Organ Sonata Number 3 [1940] –Anton Heiller (1967 C.B. Fisk/Memorial Chapel, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA) Private Issue CD-1001

BERNARD WAYNE SANDERS: Sonate breve [1989] –Thierry Pécaut (1989 Jehmlich/Maria-Köbnigen Church, Tuttlingen, Germany) Ambitus CD-97901

LIBBY LARSEN: Sonata in One Movement on Kalenda Maya [1982] –Lynn Zeigler (1987 Brombaugh/Iowa State University, Ames, IA) Calcante CD-026

RENÉ L. BECKER: Organ Sonata Number 1 in g, Opus 40 –Everhard Zwart (1989 van den Heuvel/Église Saint-Eustache, Paris, France) JQZ CD-98007



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