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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

Basilique Lateranense di Maria SS. della Misericordia
1991 Ahrend organ at the Basilica of San Simpliciano, Milan, Italy, Italy

A Sojourn in Italy

We trace back root causes on this week’s show, exploring composers in Italy, who laid the foundations for much of what we enjoy in classical music today. And organbuilders, too, whose instruments in Bologna, Treviso, Turin and Pistoia retained an unparalleled degree of simplicity of design and purity of sound across four centuries of European history. Their unique character blooms in the special idioms of Frescobaldi, Pasquini, Valeri and others, as we discover during A Sojourn in Italy.

Program Broadcast dates:

Music played in the program

GIROLAMO CAVAZZONI: Ave maris stellaLiuwe Tamminga (1475 da Prato/Basilica di San Petronio, Bologna, Italy) Radio Nederland CD-8903

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI: Toccata Quinta, from Book II –Sergio Vartolo (1596 Malamini/Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna, Italy) Tactus CD-580681

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI: Toccata Quarta, from Book II –Sergio Vartolo (1596 Malamini/Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna, Italy) Tactus CD-580681

LUDOVICO GROSSI da VIADANA: La BologneseHadrien Jourdan, Jean Christophe Leclere (1475 da Prato/Basilica di San Petronio, Bologna, Italy) & (1596 Malamini/Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna, Italy) Syrius CD-141312

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI: Canzona Number 5, from Canzoni FrancesiSergio Vartolo (1664 Hermans/Holy Spirit Church, Pistoia, Italy) Naxos 8.553547/8

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI: Motet, Ipsi sum desponsata –Sylva Pozzer, soprano; Adriano Dallape (1656 Berte/St. Peter & Paul Church, Brentonico, Italy) Fone CD-94F06

ANTONIO VIVALDI: Concerto in A, Opus 3, number 5 –Roberto Loreggian (1991 Ahrend/Basilica of San Simpliciano, Milan, Italy) Tactus CD-672215

GIUSEPPE GHERARDESCHI: Gloria, from Messa per organoLuigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (1899 Tronci/Church of Saint Michael, Corsanico, Italy) Fone CD-99F22

GUISEPPE PAGANELLI: Aria Number 13. BALDASSARE GALUPPI: Allegro e spiritoso, from Sonata in d –Andrea Marcon (1787 Callido/St. Leonardo, Treviso, Italy) Divox Antiqua CD-79703

BERNARDO PASQUINI: Aria –Andrea Marcon (1799 Callido/Assumption Church, Candide di Cadore, Italy) Radio Nederland CD-8906

GAETANO VALERI: Siciliana, from Sonata in c. GIOVANNI BATTISTA MARTINI: Allegro, from Sonata in C –Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (1797 Agati/St. Michael the Archangel Church, Vignole-Quarrata, Italy) Fone CD-90F33

MARCO ENRICO BOSSI: Legend, Opus 132, number 1 –Massimo Nosetti (1990 Zanin/Santuario di Santa Rita, Turin, Italy) Rusty CD-552032

PADRE DAVIDE da BERGAMO: Sonatina in A –Walter Savant-Levet (1861 Bianchi/San Eusebio, Moncrivello, Italy) Antichi Organi CD-011


Pipedreams will sponsor an Organ Tour in Italy from April 27 through May 9, 2003. Led by Michael Barone and Meg Irwin-Brandon, the route begins in Milan, visits Como, Bologna, Venice, Pistoia, Luca, Florence and Parma, and ends in Rome.

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