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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1692 Arp Schnitger organ [plus additions] at the Martinikerk, Groningen, The Netherlands]
1692 Arp Schnitger organ [plus additions] at the Martinikerk, Groningen, The Netherlands

This Joyful Eastertide

With themes from ancient chants and traditional hymn, we celebrate a season of reawakening on our next Pipedreams program, exploring four centuries of music for the Resurrection Festival. Through performances on historic instruments at Altenburg Abbey and the Martini Church in Groningen, the Netherlands, we’ll discover that Johann Sebastian was not the first Bach family organist, though hwe was certainly the most ingenious. Franz Lehrndorfer will improvise on the immense new instrument at the Cathedral in Munich. And Melanie Ninneman and Helen Jensen perform a seasonal duet.

It’s music to raise the spirits, literally - a seasonal selection from four centuries of compositions on resurrection themes, with works by Pachelbel and John Rutter, a fantastic improvisation from the Munich Cathedral, and some of Bach’s most exuberant chorale-preludes. All together, their colors and harmonies will stir your soul - music for This Joyful Eastertide, this week on Pipedreams.

Program Broadcast dates:

Music played in the program

JOHN RUTTER: Variations on an Easter Theme –Melanie Ninnemann, Helen Jensen (1981 Möller/Westminster Presbyterian, Minneapolis, MN) Ten Thousand Lakes CD-112

LODEWIJK de VOCHT: Easter Flowers –Cristel de Meulder, soprano. ALPHONSE MAILLY: Paques FleuriesJan van Mol (1880 Cavaillé-Coll/Jesuit Church, Heverlee, Belgium) Pavane ADW 7431

JOHANN MICHAEL BACH: 5 Easter Chorale-preludes: In dich habe ich gehoffet; Von Gott will ich nicht lassen; Warum betrübst du dich; Wenn mein Stündlein vorhanden ist; Jesus Christus, unser Heiland –Franz Haselböck (1773 Pfliegler/Altenburg Monastery, Austria) Hänssler CD-98.558

THEOPHANE HYTREK: Victimae paschali laudes –James Kosnik (1949 Kilgen; 1997 Wicks/Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, MO) World Library CD-2930

J.S. BACH: Chorale & Prelude, Christ lag in Todesbanden, S. 625 –Ian Honeyman, tenor; Jean-Charles Ablitzer (1982 Guillemin/Église Sainte-Croix d’Aubusson, France) Harmonic CD-8508/9

JOHANN PACHELBEL: Christ lag in TodesbandenJoseph Payne (1778 Maleck/St. Martin Dom, Eisenstadt, Austria) Centaur CD-2481

JENS RAMSING: Partita, Christ lag in Todesbanden –Jens Ramsing (1996 Frobenius/Apostles Church, Copenhagen, Denmark) Point CD-5129

J.S. BACH: Chorale & Prelude, Christ lag in TodesbandenFynske Chamber Choir; Kevin Bowyer (1962; 1987 Marcussen & Søn/St. Hans Church, Odense, Denmark) Nimbus NI 5457/8

J.S. BACH: 3 Easter Chorale-preludes: Heut triumphieret Gottes Sohn, S. 630; Erschienen ist der herrliche Tag, S. 629; Erstanden ist der heilge Christ, S. 628Wolfgang Zerer (1692 Arp Schnitger [plus additions]/Martinikerk, Groningen, The Netherlands) Hänssler CD-92.094

WILLIAM LLEWELLYN: This Joyful Eastertide –Hereford Cathedral Choir, Roy Massey, conductor; Priory PRCD585

FRANS LEHRNDORFER: Improvisation on the Easter AllelujahFranz Lehrndorfer (1994 Georg Jann/Frauenkirche, Munich, Germany) Calig CD-50944


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