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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

The Allure of Atlanta

Premiere performances and other sonically exceptional music presented in southern comfort at a national convention of the American Guild of Organistrs.

Program Broadcast dates:

Music played in the program

RICHARD WAYNE DIRKSEN: Processional, Praise the Spirit in Creation. ROBERT A. HARRIS: Anthem, Behold my servant, whom I uphold. JUDITH ZAIMONT: Anthem, The Spirit of the Lord –AGO Festival Chorus and Brass Ensemble, Beth Shugart & Robert L. Simpson, conductor; Robin Elmore Hensley & Robert L. Simpson (1981 Wicks/Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA) recorded June 28, 1992

NORBERTO GUINALDO: Toccata [1964] –Richard Elliott (1978 Holtkamp/First Baptist, Decatur, GA) recorded June 29, 1992

BERNARDO PASQUINI: Toccata Number 7. MALEVEZZI: Canzona in the 2nd Mode. DOMENICO ZIPOLI: Elevation Toccata. GIOVAN BATTISTA CERVELLINI: Sonata in F –Rene Saorgin (1966 Flentrop/St. Anne Episcopal, Atlanta, GA) recorded July 1, 1992

GUNTER RAPHAEL: 3 Sacred Songs [1938] –Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Donald Sutherland (1984 Möller/Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Atlanta, GA) recorded June 29, 1992

FELIX ARNDT: Nola. PARISH/CARMICHAEL: One Morning in MayHector Olivera (1929 Möller/Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA) Vantage CD-6306

DAN LOCKLAIR: Fantasy for Organ, VoyageAlan Morrison (1989 Möller/Roswell UMC, Roswell, GA) recorded July 1, 1992 DWIGHT D. ANDREWS: A Blessing Song –AGO Festival Chorus (1981 Wicks/Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA) recorded June 28, 1992

The new works are here presented in their premiere performances as recorded specially for PIPEDREAMS.

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