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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

A Texas Toast

…concert performances by the celebrated Frank Speller on the 97-rank 1983 Visser-Rowlands organ in Bates Recital Hall of the University of Texas in Austin.

Program Broadcast dates:

•August 4, 1986 as Show #8631

•September 4, 1995 as Show #9536


Audio 88 Min

Links and Resources:

Music played in the program

EUGÈNE GIGOUT: Grand Choeur Dialogue

ANTONIO VIVALDI (arranged by Bach): Concerto in d, S. 596

SCHUMANN: 2 Canons


VIOLA: Sonatina

CABANILLES: Tiento Number 9

COUPERIN: 3 Pieces: Le Dodo, au l'amour au Berceau; Muse de Choisi; Le Tic-Toc-Choc, au Les Maillotins

ALAIN: 2 Dances to Agni Yavishta

SPELLER: Scottish Suite

LANGLAIS: Celebration


Recordings by Dr. Speller are available through the Organ Historical Society.



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