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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

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Arlesheim: Domkirche Arlesheim, 1761 J.A. Silbermann organ Slide Icon

Bern: Bern Münster [Cathedral of St. Vincent], 1999 Kuhn organ Slide Icon

Bremgarten: Church of St. Nicolas, 1988 Metzler organ Slide Icon

Geneva: Victoria Hall, 1993 van den Heuvel organ Slide Icon

Lausanne: Cathédrale protestante Notre-Dame, 2003 C.B. Fisk organ, Opus 120 Slide Icon

Lutry: Temple de Lutry, 1791 Jean Zimmer; 1975 Füglister organ Slide Icon

Luzerne: Hofkirche, 1977 Kuhn organ Slide Icon

Neuchâtel: Collegiale Church, 1996 Saint-Martin organ Slide Icon

Porrentruy: Jesuit College Chapel, 1985 Ahrend organ Slide Icon

Romainmôtier: Romainmôtier Organ Academy, 1940 Albert Alain organ Slide Icon

Schaffhausen: Church of St. Johann, 1897 Kuhn organ

Sion: Basilica of Valere, 1435 Anonymous; 1667 Christoph Aebi; 1718 Matthias Carlen; 1954 Kuhn; 2004 Füglister organ Slide Icon

Ursy: Stadtkirche, 2001 Ayer organ Slide Icon

Winterthur: Stadtkirche, 1888 Walcker organ Slide Icon

Zürich: Tonhalle, 1988 Kleuker-Steinmeyer organ Slide Icon

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