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______PREMIERES, VOLUME 1 (PD CD-1001)
            Featuring music by Bach/Ferguson, Mendelssohn, Menotti, Bolcom, Nancy Faxon,
            Monte Mason and Leonard Danek.

______LIVE! (PD CD-1002)
            A colorful collection of works by Johann Strauss II, Clarence Mader, Healey Willan, Bach,
            Eugene Hancock, F. Mendelssohn and Guy Bovet

______PREMIERES, VOLUME. 2 (PD CD-1003)
            Featuring music by Brent Weaver, Richard Wayne Dirkson, Libby Larsen, Thomas Kerr,
            Fela Sowande, Richard Stewart, Guy Bovet, Steven Paulus.

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        @ $17.95 per CD

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