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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1981 Kern
1981 Kern/Strasbourg Cathedral, France

Alsacian Adventure

…we preview some instruments to be visited during the upcoming Spring Pipedreams Tour (May 23-June 7, 2020).

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

J. S. BACHPrelude in E-flat, BWV 552Ute Gremme-Geuchen (1741 Johann-Andrea Silbermann/St. Thomas Church, Strasbourg) Aeolis 10861

BACHJesus Christus, unser Heiland, BWV 665Ewald Kooiman (1778 J-A Silbermann/Protestant Temple, Bouxwiller) Aeolus 10851

BACH:  2 Chorale-preludes (Nun freut euch, BWV 734; An Wasserflüssen Babylon, BWV 653b) –Helmut Walcha (1780 J-A Silbermann/St. Pierre-le-Jeune, Strasbourg) Archiv 419904

THEODORE PARMENTIER:  Andantino.  THEOPHILE STERN:  Fantasie in d –Yannick Merlin (2003 Koenig/St. Pierre-le-Jeune, Strasbourg) Ktesiobios 043

BACHLobt Gott, ihr Christen, allzugleich, Emans 129 –Gerhard Gnann (1745 J-A Silbermann/Protestant Temple, Wasselonne) Aeolus 10931

BACHFugue in c, BWV 575 –Gerhard Gnann (1750 J-A Silbermann/St. Maurice, Soultz-Haut-Rhin) Aeolus 10911

JULES MASSENETSunday Evening, fr Scenes AlsaciennesBéatrice Piertot & Yannick Merlin (1833 Callinet/St. Jean-Baptiste, Mollau) Sonare Resonare 1111026

Filler – BACH:  Nun freut euch (see above)

Hour 2

SIGFRID KARG-ELERTNun danket alle Gott, Op. 65, no. 59GUNTER RAMIN:  Canzona  –Joachim Dorfmüller (1780 J-A Silbermann/St. Pierre-le-Jeune, Strasbourg) MG&D 3330

FRANÇOIS COUPERIN (trans. Bach):  Aria, BWV 587 –Ann Elise Smoot (1741 Johann-Andreas Silbermann/St. Thomas Protestant Church, Strasbourg) JAV 192

JACQUES BOYVINSuite on the 3rd Ton (Prélude-Fugue-Desus de cornet- Grand Dialogue) –Kola Owolabi (1732 Andreas Silbermann/St. Maurice Abbey, Ebersmunster) Raven 997

FELIX MENDELSSOHNFugue, fr Sonata No. 6Albert Schweitzer (1931 Haerpfer/Protestant Church, Gunsbach) Archipel 0224

CHARLES-MARIE WIDORClassique d’aujourd’hui, fr Op. 87Frédéric Ledroit (1864 Cavaillé-Coll/St. Etienne, Mulhouse) Skarbo 1102

CHARLES KIENZL:  Pastorale.  MARTIN VOGT:  Sonata (excerpts) –Béatrice Piertot & Yannick Merlin (1833 Callinet/St. Jean-Baptiste Church, Mollau) Sonare Resonare 1111026

MARIE-JOSEPH ERB:  Sonata (1927) –Yannick Merlin (2003 Koenig/St. Pierre-le-Jeune Church, Strasbourg) Ktesiobios 043

Filler – BACH:  Prelude in E-flat (see above)

The pipe organ traditions of the Alsace-Lorraine region have been enriched by the area’s blended Franco-Gernanic culture. Be part of the party when we visit these and many other instruments during the next PIPEDREAMS Group Tour of Alsace-Lorraine (May 23-June 7, 2020). Register now!

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