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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

1774 Isnard
1774 Isnard/Basilique de la Madeleine, Saint-Maximin, France

Celebrating Couperin

…commemorating the 350th anniversary of the birth of one of the foremost French Baroque composers, François Couperin le Grande (1668-1733).

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

COUPERIN:  Plein jeu (Verset 1), fr Mess pour les Couvents –Andre Isoir (1967 Koenig/St. Georges de Bouquenom, Sarre-Union, France) Calliope 9908

COUPERIN:  Kyrie (5 Verses), fr Messe proper pour les Couvents –Gregorian Scola La Fidelissima/Joseph Cabré; Olivier Vernet (1790 Cavaille/Church of St. Guilhelm, Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert, France) Ligia Digital 0104041

COUPERIN:  Gloria (Verses 1-3), fr Convents Mass –Philippe Lefebvre (1768 Clicquot/ St. Gervais, Paris, France) FY 053

COUPERIN:  Gloria (Verses 4-7), fr Convents Mass –Michel Chapuis (1710 Clicquot/Royal Chapel, Versailles, France) Palace Royale 004

COUPERIN: Gloria (Verses 8), fr Convents Mass –Yves-G. Prefontaine (1991 Guilbault-Therien/Grand Séminaire, Montreal, Quebec) Helios 110603

COUPERIN:  Gloria (Verse 9), fr Convents Mass –Pierre Bardon (1775 Isnard/Basilica of Our Lady, St. Maximin, Provence, France) Pierre Verany 785051/2

COUPERIN:  Fuguète, fr Concerts royeaux --La Fidelissima/Joseph Cabré, director.  Ligia Digital 104108

COUPERIN:  Sanctus, Elevation, Agnus Dei & Deo Gratias, fr Convents Mass –Marie-Claire Alain (1736 Moucherel-1981 Formentelli/Saint Cecilia Cathedral, Albi, France) Erato 45460

COUPERIN:  Offertoire, fr Convents Mass –Aude Huertematte (1768 Clicquot/St. Gervais, Paris, France) Zig Zag90403

Hour 2

COUPERIN:  Qui dat nivem –Sandrine Piau, soprano; Les Talens Lyriques/Christophe Rousset.  Veritas 61530

COUPERIN:  Kyrie, fr Messe à l’usage des Paroisses --Ton Koopman (1739 Clicquot/Eglise St. Jacques et St. Christophe, Houdan) Telefunken

COUPERIN:  Gloria (Versets 1-5), fr Parishes Mass (with chant from Ballard’s Graduale Romanum, 1657) –Marie-Claire Alain (Dom Bedos/Holy Cross Church, Bordeaux, France) Triton 331134

COUPERIN:  Gloria (Versets 6-9), fr Parishes Mass –Serge Schoonbroodt (1692 Eustache/Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Le Puy-en-Velay, France) Aeolus 10301

COUPERIN:  Sanctus, Elevation, Agnus Dei & Deo Gratias, fr Parishes Mass –André Isoir (1973 Haerpfer-Erman/St. Germain des Pres, Paris) Calliope 9907

COUPERIN:  Offertoire, fr Parishes Mass –Michel Bouvard (1774 Isnard/Basilique de la Madeleine, Saint-Maximin, France) RCA 7004

Various members of the Couperin family, beginning with uncle Louis Couperin (1626-1661) held the position of organist at the Church of St. Gervaise in Paris for 173 years, beginning in 1653.  François le Grande (b. 11/10/1668) was organist there from 1687 to 1723.  His Livre d’orgue, containing the two Masses, was published in 1691, when he was twenty-two years old. 

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