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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[Craighead-Saunders Organ]
2008 Craighead-Saunders Organ at Christ Church, Rochester, NY.

The Eastman Kids at Christ Church (I)

…the first of two Pipedreams Live! programs featuring students of the Eastman School of Music and the organs at Christ Church, Rochester, NY.

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Audio 1742 Hour 1 59:00 Min

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

C.P.E. BACHAllegro (i), fr Sonata No. 3 in F –Hans Davidsson (Loft 1115)

MAX REGERIntroduction & Passacaglia in d, WoO –Nicholas Halbert

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDEToccata in F, BuxWV 156 –Jacob Taylor

CALVIN HAMPTON:  Lullaby, fr Suite No. 2 –Angela Salcedo

J.S. BACHChrist, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam, BWV 684 –Amanda Mole

J.S. BACHPraeludium in C, BWV 547 –Sarah Simko

Filler – KITTEL:  Praeludium in e-flat –David Higgs (Loft 1115)

Hour 2

BACHPartita, Sei gegrüsse, Jesu gütig, BWV 768, Variation 1 -William Porter (Loft 1115)

HERBERT HOWELLSRhapsody in D-flat, Op. 17, no. 1 –Caroline Robinson

JAN PIETERSZOON SWEELINCKMein junges Leben hat ein EndEdward Dean

LOUIS VIERNEAllegro vivace (iv.), fr Symphony No. 1, Op. 14 –Jiaqi Shao

CESAR FRANCKCantabileCory Whittier

FELIX MENDELSSOHNAllegretto (iii.) and Allegro maestoso (iv.), fr Sonata No. 4, Op. 65 –Adam Detzner & Karl Robson

Filler – REGER (see above)

These performances were recorded by public radio station WXXI-Rochester (r. April 22, 2016). Featured instruments include the Craighead-Saunders organ (modeled after a 1776 Adam Gottlob Casparini in Vilnius, Lithuania) completed in 2008 by a GOArt consortium headed by Munetaka Yokota and Mats Arvidsson, and a relocated and restored 1893 Hook & Hastings organ, formerly from Portland, ME. An album of performances on the Craighead-Saunders organ by Hans Davidsson, William Porter, and David Higgs is available from Loft Recordings.

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