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Celebrating the pipe organ, the King of Instruments

[1642 Freundt/Klosterneuburg Abbey, Austria][decorative stamp]
1642 Freundt at Klosterneuburg Abbey, Austria

[1714 Sieber/Michaelerkirche, Vienna, Austria][decorative stamp]
1714 Sieber at Michaelerkirche, Vienna, Austria

[1875 Capek/Piaristenkirche, Krems, Austria][decorative stamp]
1875 Capek at Piaristenkirche, Krems, Austria

[(1981 Eisenbarth/Dom St. Stephan, Passau, Germany][decorative stamp]
1981 Eisenbarth at Dom St. Stephan, Passau, Germany

[1884 Breinbauer gallery organ/Stift Wilhering, Austria][decorative stamp]
1884 Breinbauer gallery organ at Stift Wilhering, Austria

Austria Revisited

…some musical memories featuring artists and instruments enjoyed during the 2009 Pipedreams Tour.

Audio Complete Show 1 hr 58 Min

Audio 1234 Hour 1 59:00 Min

Audio 1234 Hour 2 59:00 Min

Program Broadcast dates:

  • Week of May 26, 2013

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Music played in the program

Hour 1

JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER: Toccata in G. JOHANN KASPAR KERLL: Magnificat Quarti Toni, from Modulatio Organica, alternatim –Jeremy Joseph (1642 Freundt/Klosterneuburg Abbey, Austria) NCA 60207

HANS NEUSIDLER: Judentantz. PAUL HOFHAIMER: Carmen. HENRICUS BEGINKER: Dies est laetitiae –Marcus Hufnagl (1640 Anonymous/St. Michael in der Wachau, Austria) EWSM 2000

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI: Aria detto BallettoEmanuel Schmelzer-Ziringer (2004 Vonbank/Pfarrekirche, Michelhausen, Austria) Extraplatte 634

GEORG MUFFAT: Toccata SeptimaWolfgang Kogert (1714 Sieber/Michaelerkirche, Vienna, Austria) NCA 60206

ANTON HEILLER: Tanz-Toccata –Ronald Peter (1986 Hradetzky/Stadtpfarrkirche, Krems, Austria) Kirchen Tonart Krems 2004

JOSEF RHEINBERGER: Vision, Opus 156, number 5 –Ronald Peter (1875 Capek/Piaristenkirche, Krems, Austria) Kirchen Tonart Krems 2004

PETER PLANYAVSKY: 3 Chorale-Improvisations: All Menschen müssen sterben; Mitten wir im Leben sind/Flutes; Mit Fried und FreudPeter Planyavsky (2001 Kögler/Stadtpfarrkirche - St. Michael, Haag, Austria) Organ Promotion 7007

Filler –GEORG MUFFAT (see above)

Hour 2

J.S. BACH: Vivace, from Trio Sonata Number 2 in c, BWV 526 –Wolfgang Kreuzhuber (1968 Marcussen/Neuer Dom - St. Mary, Linz, Austria) Motette CD MOT 12521

ARTHUR PIECHLER: Italian Suite, Opus 22 –Ludwig Ruckdeschel (1981 Eisenbarth/Dom St. Stephan, Passau, Germany) Symicon 146

AURELIO BONELLI: Toccata Cleopatra. ANDREA CIMA: Canzone alla francese, La NovellaRupert Gottfried Frieberger (1989; 1993 Reil/Stiftskirche [Collegiate Church], Schlägl, Austria) & Ingemar Melchersson (1634 Putz; 1708 Egedacher/Stiftskirche [Collegiate Church], Schlägl, Austria) Christophorus CHR 77102

JUSTIN HEINRICH KNECHT: Handstück im galanten StilMartin Haselböck (1746 Rummel choir organ/Stift Wilhering, Austria) Preiser 90051

ADOLF FESTL: Fugue –Elke Eckerstorfer (1884 Breinbauer gallery organ/Stift Wilhering, Austria) Preiser 91025

BALDUIN SULZER: Intonation, Opus 44 –Elke Eckerstorfer (1997 Rieger/Parish Church, Aigen im Mühlkreis, Austria) Kultur 010258

THEODOR GRÜNBERGER: Rondo for the Offertory –Kurt Neuhauser (1775 Christoph/Sonntagberg Pilgrimage Church, Austria) ORF 305

JOHANNES BRAHMS: O wie selig seid ihr doch, ihr Frommen, Opus 122, number 4 –Klaus Sonnleitner (1888 Mauracher/Parish Church, Bad Ischl, Austria) Edition Lade CD-022

FRANZ KROPFREITER: Improvisation –Franz Kropfreiter (1774 Khrismann; 1873 Mauracher; 1951 Zika/St. Florian Monastery, Austria) Organ Promotion 8001

Filler –GRÜNBERGER: (see above)


This is an Encore broadcast of a program initially released in October 2009 as Program #0943, aired here while Michael Barone and 47 of his closest friends travel in Switzerland.  This program documents the adventure of forty-one enthusiasts who traveled on a Pipedreams Tour in Austria in early May 2009, hearing instruments at venues between Vienna and Salzburg arranged for by our excellent guide Wolfgang KogertVisit our website for a day-to-day diary from the trip, and view hundreds of captioned photos made by Richard Rasch that bring the experience to vivid life.  And check out our online report from this years tour, too!